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Orca Surgical-Corneal epithelium removal

Orca is a kind of project that we like, a simplicity that is based on the properties of the chosen material and its compatibility with the cornea. The main challenge was to design the disposable unit to achieve sharp edge with plastic injection molding in one piece. During the 6 years with Orca, we designed almost every component in the product, including the handle, blister pack and demo kit. Also, we wrote the engineering documents for the DHF (design history file).

<p>Sinai Medical</p>

I had the pleasure to be the first costumer at Sinai Medical .
I have been working with Nir and the team since project initiation in 2011.
we walked together through prototypes, feasibility trials ,design for manufacturing and production validation.
Their solid background in mechanics and vast experience with ophthalmic products helped to keep the project on budget and timeframe.

Yariv Baron, CEO, Orca Surgical

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